Rablock About us

What is Rablock?

Rapid system development platform based on
blockchain technology


– an abbreviation of Rapid Blockchain, is a compact platform focused on developing a suite of stable non-cryptocurrency frameworks, tools and libraries for private (permissioned) enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. It is originated in Japan, based on the Linux system, has its own consensus algorism called RCA (Rapid Consensus Algorism). Rablock business blockchain solutions apply to supply chain management, Internet of Things, manufacturing and technology. Built under technical governance and collaborated with system integration partners, service and solution providers, corporate members and end users.

From within/cross enterprise traceability or prevention of data tampering to post-financial settlements and smart contracts, the benefits for choosing Rablock for business and applications are numerous, including reduced time (for finding information, settling disputes and verifying transactions), decreased costs (for overhead and intermediaries) and alleviated risk (of collusion, tampering and fraud).

With our extensive network of partners, established achievements in different implementations and on-going projects, we can help customers accelerate time to market and capture the value of blockchain.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Rablock Co., Ltd.
Kei Nagata (Representative Director and CEO)
May 2018
83,000,000 JPY (including capital reserve)
2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
Primary Business
Blockchain Technology Service
Blockchain Consultancy
Blockchain System Development
Blockchain Technology Training
Blockchain Engine Sales
Yoshihide Nagase (Director and CTO)
Takeshi Kubodera
Seiichi Ido
Yoshikuni Ikeda
Satoshi Hasegawa
Takehiko Ikenaga
Yoshihiro Matsumoto
Major Shareholders
transcosmos Inc.
Ubiquitous AI Corporation
KeyLuck Co., Ltd.
Technologic Arts Co., Ltd.

President Profile

Kei Nagata
永田 圭

April 1986
Joined Fujitsu Business Systems Limited (currently Fujitsu Japan Limited)
April 2009
Cloud Application Business (Cloud ERP)
April 2017
Concurrently serving as the Workplace Reform
March 2019
Resigned from Fujitsu Marketing Limited (currently Fujitsu Japan Limited)
April 2019
Senior Consultant, Rablock Co., Ltd.
May 2019
Advisor, Information Systems, KeyLuck Co., Ltd.
September 2019
Executive Vice President, KeyLuck Co., Ltd.
February 2020
Sales Support, Technos Japan Corporation
October 2020
Sales Support, Technos Japan Corporation
July 2021
Senior Consultant, Delivery Consulting, Inc. (to March 2022)
April 2022
General Manager, Sales Division, Rablock Co., Ltd.
July 2022
Appointed Representative Director and CEO of Rablock Co., Ltd.

Yoshihide Nagase
長瀬 嘉秀

・Graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Department of Applied Mathematics in 1986
・Established Technological Art Co., Ltd. in 1989 after working at Asahi Shimbun
・Engineering Consultant of OSF (OPEN Software Foundation)
・Chief Examiner of OSF Japan Vendor Council DCE Technical Review Committee
・Co-sponsor of UML Profile for EDOC; Member of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32/WG2
・Founder of UML Modeling Promotion Council (UMTP)
・Lecturer at Faculty of Informatics, Meisei University; Former Visiting Professor,
Zhejiang University, China
・Chairman of the Agile Development Certification Consortium

Major published books/translations (Over 100 books)